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This weekend we hade a showcase together with Sigicon 4×4 at High Chaparral Offroad meet in Sweden. We had 2 vehicles at the scene and alot of different products. A lot of people walked by our showcase and we got opportunity to talk to alot of people which was really nice and inspiring. In 4 weeks we hope to see the trailbreak table ready for deliverance and hopefully the design work of a JK bumper will start during the fall.

A video composed from yesterdays 4×4 in Borås!

The switch bumper is now done and kits are ready to be shipped!

12 complete N.E.V Switch bumper (in parts) was picked up today! Total weight was around 300kg First building starts on sunday :)

Designed a new logotype today, it will be used for clothing and vehicles, what do you think?

Yesterday N.E.V took part of a extensive material that provides evidence of the existing of Trolls in Norway. Since this is our neighbouring country we have great concerns. To review the material yourself we recommend that you view the film ”The troll hunter”.

N.E.V hereby recommends everyone traveling off road in the Nordic countries to equip their 4×4 vehicles with protective  measures like a N.E.V ZJ Stealth bumper MKII or N.E.V Wrangler Switch bumper, to withstand a attack from Trolls such as Raglefant, Tusseludd and Rimtusse. N.E.V cannot guarantee the safety of anyone being encountered with Jotne Trolls.

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