These are the expeditions that we have completed with ”Werewolf”

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2009 – Iceland

This was our very first expedition which would take us to Iceland. The preparations for this journey was enormous. The whole Jeep was during one year rebuilt. Snorkle was added, highsteering installed, fenderflares were added, a roofrack designed and produced, the trunk was upgraded with a storage system, engine belt system was rebuilt to house a aircompressor and the whole electrical system was redesigned. Preparing the Jeep took day and night but when we arrived at the beautiful scenary in seyðisfjörður it was all worth it. Iceland is a fantastic place to travel with a 4×4 where you will experience glaciers, jökulls and wonderful mountains.

2011 – Russia

It would take us two years before we headed out on another expedition. This time our destination was set on Kola peninsula in Russia. The Jeep had went through several upgrades learned from our first expedition. A totaly new storagesystem with a stainless onboard freshwater tank, toolbox, safe box for passports, extra battery was added to the cargo compartment. A Toughbook computer was installed as navigator and cargo nets mounted on the inner roof. We drove north through Finland and made it all the way to Kola peninsula. The nature were something we hadn´t experience before and the culture was a contrast to what we knew. But Russia treated us well and it became a journey we will never forget. On our way back to Sweden we drove to Norway and out as far as you can go on Lofoten.

2012 – Romania

So far we had only been going north, and we were eager to see some of the southern parts of Europe. A quick research made us very interested to experience Romania. A country which seemed so beautiful but at the same time very unknowned to us. We drove through Poland, Slovakia, Hungary Romania and Ukraine. on our way we experienced astonishing nature, wonderful people and fantastic food. We even stoped by to visit draculas castle in Transylvania. This journey left us with great impressions.

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