So what is N.E.V?

Nordic Expedition Vehicle is a trademark for 4×4 vehicles equipment. We make and we  can make equipment to any vehicle, we´re not limited to only one brand. N.E.V started in 2007  and since then we have made several different parts. Our equipment is 100% made in Sweden, with high quality of materials. We use lasercutting for all components and Domex 355 steel, which is suitable for welding and bending. Our aim is to innovate solutions that are strong but still as light as possible. Our products are suitable for expedition vehicles, heavy trail rigs and rescue vehicles.

The name behind N.E.V is me, Jens Grönberg. I´ve always had a great interest for mechanics and design. Even thou I do not have a engineer degree, I´ve been working 4 years as a design engineer at Volvo Penta. I started drawing blueprints as a small kid and started with CAD when I was 13 years old. What I don´t know I either try to find out or learn by doing. I love to create and N.E.V is my way of expressing.In the fall of 2012 I started studying, to become a nurse. I have a great interest in medical care and rescue, which I hope will be my future. I believe that you should always follow your dream and N.E.V will continue to grow along this dream.

What components would you like that N.EV designed?

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